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Inspired to Inspire

This morning on my way to work, I ran into Dawn.  A delightful young, vibrant African-American woman of about 26 or 27 I would say.  She actually reminded me of myself at that age. Not that I’m that much older than 27 but I’ve got a few years on her.

At the start of our conversation in the back of the taxi-cab/slug car, I was just a bit irritated.  Not because she had said anything disrespectful or strange but because I had a lot on my mind from the night before and I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep.  My plans for the ride to work was to lay my head back and close my eyes.

Dawn was just so excited about what the day would bring.  It was still early yet and dark outside.  The sun had not yet begun to peak through the darkness of night but I could see light in her.  Her energy was infectious.  In our short commute to work, I learned where she worked, not just the agency but the section and actually what type of tasks she performed.  I learned how many children she had, where her child stayed during the day for day care, her educational background, how long she’d owned her car and possibly her next career move.  She briefly mentioned a family member but I didn’t sense that “warm and fuzzy” feeling some folks give off when they speak of their grandma.

I don’t recall how the conversation began but after just a few moments my irritation began to fade away and I also began to share a little about me.  Not nearly as much as Dawn though.  Not because she dominated the conversation but because I’ve learned in my “old age” to be a bit more guarded with the information I divulge about myself and my family.

As she began to tell me about the master’s degree she had and the fact that she wasn’t working in her field of study something sprung up in me to divulge that I had not yet achieved “Master’s Degree” status.  Typically in the past, for whatever reason,  I wouldn’t have said this but for some reason I was prompted to do so.  She actually seemed surprised when I admitted this little fact about myself. Maybe because I had been so guarded in the conversation up to this point.  Or maybe she felt my new level of freedom as I spoke.

It was then that she really began to talk about her qualifications and her desires to do more with her career.   She spoke directly about having applied for several positions, the fact that she was told she was on the “BQ” list but then in the end, the positions weren’t offered to her.   I gave her a few words of inspiration relating to the various career moves I had made and the fact that her gifts will make room for her.  I encouraged her to never give up on her dreams.  I told her about the dream I had one day of becoming a writer and teaching others how to do the same. I reminded her that coming out of the box was often uncomfortable but well worth it.

As our ride was coming to an end, we officially introduced ourselves and I gave her one last word of encouragement. I told her that one day in the next few years, I was certain that our paths would cross again.  I was certain that by that time she would have secured her dream job, her child would be doing great in school and maybe at that time she would have people working for her.  She seemed overjoyed that I took the time to speak into her life.

I pray for Dawn and everyone like her who has dreams of becoming something more than they are today.  And I pray even more for Spirit filled believers who are willing to speak into the lives of those around them to offer words of encouragement even when they are irritated and sleep deprived.

Be well my friend,

Karen Gaughan