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Christ Did Not Die on the Cross

There are so many questions I have relating to Biblical things.  I don’t think God is disturbed by my questions.  He is not irritated that I continually come to Him wanting to know more about Him.  In fact, He welcomes my questions.  He is pleased that I want to know more about Him and that I’m eager to know more about His will and His ways.

Asking questions, means that we are curious. Asking questions means that we are interested.  Asking questions of God means that He is on our mind and we want to know more about Him and how He operates and why He does things the way He does.  It means we want to know His heart and what makes Him smile.

So when I began asking questions in my mind about Jesus Christ and His humanness, God answered me. And He told me Christ did not die on the cross.

“What”, I said. “Of course He did, I’ve read the Biblical accounts.  I’ve heard countless sermons about how Christ died for my sins.  I can’t be hearing You correctly Father”.

And God reassured me that I did hear Him correctly but that I wasn’t listening. He told me again, and I quote, “Christ did not die on the Cross, JESUS did.”

“Well how could this be Lord?”, I exclaimed!  And here’s how he broke it down to me.

Christ being fully the Son of God.  Jesus being fully the Son of Man.  Christ is the Spirit.  Jesus was the man.  Christ Spirit lives forever.  Jesus the man was the one who hung, bled and died.

He went on further to explain to me that Mary was not the mother of Christ, Mary was the mother of Jesus.  God is the Father of Christ alone.  Mary was needed to birth baby Jesus because Jesus was needed to make Christ (the Spirit) legal on the Earth.

In Genesis 1:26, God gave man dominion over the earth. He did not give spirits dominion over the earth.  Because of this, the Son of God (Christ) could not come to the earth to save us. He needed Jesus as a human in order to have dominion over the earth.

So this is why does the Son refer to Himself as the Son of God AND the Son of Man.  And God answered me in this way.

As I continue to ask questions, it’s amazing how God answers these questions for me.  And I appreciate Him for that  today.

Be well my friends.

KayD G.