Monthly Archives: August 2015

my past is catching up with me

What do you do when everything hurts?  Your head hurts from trying to figure everything out.  Your heart hurts from the aching feeling that’s been there for way too long.  Your body aches from the tension of the days and weeks you’ve been stuck in this same place. Life seems a blur.  Just walking through surviving not really living.  It’s a blur.  These long days turn into weeks and into months and even years.

Your spirit is trying to break out but seems overwhelmed by the worries and cares of the world.  At times, it feels like you will break free and then…Your situation seems to revert back to the really bad days of what some try to call the good ole-days.

It’s in these times that we must bow the head, bend the knee, lay prostrate before God and get into His presence.  There are times when the hurt is so deep that we can do nothing but bow our head, bend our knee and lay prostrate.  The words may not even come.  Guttural sounds and utterances may erupt from deep within.  I believe it is at these times that the Holy Spirit interprets our moanings and groanings as the Word says in Romans.  It is at these times that our previous prayers and the prayers of the various friends and family’s take over for us.  When the hurt runs so deep that you can’t even seem to utter the name of Jesus, it is then that the first Intercessor goes before the Father for us.

How do we get past this place to a place of counting everything joy as we go through various trial and temptations?  How do we get to a place of rejoicing in the Lord always?  I believe a part of getting to this place is from the prayers that were prayed yesterday and the praise from last week and the service from last month and from chasing after the Father in previous years.  There is a saying that your past will catch up with you.  In times like this, I hope the saying is true.

There is no one like our Father.  Always there, always hoping and pulling for us.  Always a constant and faithful God.  Never changing.  Hiding us in the shadow of His wings.

He is our rock and our firm foundation.  He is our chief cornerstone.  He is never failing. Never ending. He is our Constant.  He is our Hope.  He is our Peace.  He is our Comfort.

How dare us believe or think for one moment that we are to rejoice with Him but not go through anything with Him or for Him.

My heart’s prayer is that in your times of trouble and times of pain, your past praise and worship will catch up with you.  You will be able to pull from your times of studying the Word and find the Light.  You will be able to look back on your previous victories in Him and gain strength.  My prayer is that we all learn to lean on Him for everything.  We will learn to trust Him with the hurts of our mind, body and emotions.

Be well my friends,

KayD G.