Daily Archives: June 27, 2014

round-tuitI love a good play on words and this is one is one of my favorites. The picture to the left is a round tuit. We’ve often heard it said, “I’ll get around to it”.  Well now you have one or at least a picture of one.

So what are you going to do now?  Are you still going to say, “I’ll get around to it tomorrow” or “I’ll get around to it next week” or “I’ll get around to it when I can”?  Procrastination is our enemy, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll start it tomorrow or I’ll finish it tomorrow should no longer be in our vocabulary.

God hasn’t called me to do everything but he called me to do something.  And He’s called me to do something now, not later.  Windows of opportunity are opened and closed but I believe some windows of opportunity open and close but God may not lock the window. Just because something seems hard, doesn’t mean it is. It just may appear to be.  Just like something may seem out of your reach, doesn’t mean it is.  It just may appear to be.  Just like at night when you are driving and your eyes play tricks on you.  Making things seem one way but they are something completely different.  Just like fear.  It’s false evidence appearing real.  Doesn’t mean it is real, it just seems that way for a moment.

Sometimes you just have to try.   He’s called me to be a mother and a wife. He’s called me to be a servant-leader. But also He’s called me to be a doer of his word. He’s called me to lead the youth. He’s called me to be the best employee I can be. I leave what is behind and I press toward the mark of the high calling of Jesus Christ. Just like Paul as he said on his deathbed, he fought a good fight he’s run his race. I want to be able to see my Savior smile. I want to look back over my life on my deathbed and say that I have finished the race I have completed the task that God set before me.

What is it that God has called you to? What is the task that He wants you to complete. Are you on that path? Are you on that roadway? Are you gaining the skills that you need for that task to be completed? It could be going to medical school. It could be becoming an engineer. It could be owning the gas station on the corner. It could be working at the dry cleaner. But whatever it is ,do it as working unto the Lord. And you will hear Him on that great day saying, “Well done, my child. Welcome. Come on in.”

What is is that  you’ve been procrastinating about  doing?  What is it that you’ve put off for way too long?  It could have been posting in your blog. (wonder who that could be?)  It could be having that hard conversation that’s needed with a loved one.  It could be as simple as getting rid of unneeded items in your house.  I’m a firm believer that busy people get more done.  I don’t think it’s because they are better at anything than anyone else, I just believe that busy people don’t have “round tuits” in their house or in their vocabulary.
Be well my friends.

KayD G.