I’m not waiting for you!

People go to the Internet for one of two reasons:

1) To solve a problem.

Where do I find the cheapest tires for my car?
I wonder if the grocery store up the street is hiring?
How do I stop my dog from barking all night?


2) To be entertained

I want to see the latest video by that new artist.
I missed the last episode of my favorite show.
I missed the paper today and need to read the local news.

Maybe you are like me.  It’s almost guaranteed that I don’t just find what I need and get off the Internet.  With all of the ads and links (bells and whistles), there is a tendency  to click here and there and stay longer than originally planned.  Well, while I’m clicking away so is the click of the clock.  Father Time has told me, “I’m not waiting for you!”

I think this is why some develop what has become known as a mid-life crisis.  And maybe that’s what I’m going through now with this new passion I have for writing the book and this blog  and even already starting the second book.  My co-worker will tell you that even things said throughout the day at work light up in my mind as a potential blog post titles (Hey YJ!).  And I think this blog post came to me because with the recent challenges and joys in my personal life, time has been ticking away and I hadn’t posted anything in a few weeks.  I miss connecting with you.

As we get older, I’m sure you can definitely attest to those moments in life where you’ve looked back and wished you could get the time back or wondered what you would do if you could do it all over again.

Well I’m here to tell you, it’s never too late.  As you know, this blog is all about finding your place of freedom in this world.  I believe that freedom comes with being in line with God’s word and the plan He has for your life.

As I handed the manuscript for the RELOVE book over to the editor a couple of weeks ago, I looked Father Time in the face and laughed.  I will not let another year go by without being published.  I will not let a week go by without exercising (at least once). I will not let a day go by without telling someone in my life that I love them (and that includes my Father in heaven).  I will not let a moment go by that I am anxious for anything or fearful of anything or anybody.

My prayer for you all is that you are able to look at Father Time in the face and laugh.  Let him know although his clock is running, you’re runny right along side.  Let him know as the old saying goes, “time waits for no one”, you can tell time that he’d better catch up with you!!!  And when our time is over, the Father of all time and space will say, “Well done”.

Be well my friends,

KayD G.

As always, please leave a comment and let me know how this post resonated with you. And if you would be so kind, tell a friend about www.relove.me.  It’s their journey to freedom too.  God Bless.


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