The Dash in the Middle

Imagine a ten gallon bucket filled to the brim with golf balls.  Is the bucket full?

Yes and no.  It’s filled with golf balls but there’s room for more.

Now imagine a huge pitcher full of marbles being poured into the bucket.  The bucket is being shaken for all of the marbles to settle to the bottom.  Is the bucket full?

Yes and no.  It’s filled with golf balls and marbles but there’s room for more.

Now you have a five pound bag of sand.  You’re now scooping the sand into the bucket and watching the sand sift through the golf balls and the marbles until the sand reaches the top.  Is the bucket full?

Yes and no.  It’s filled with golf balls, marbles and sand but there’s room for more.

There’s room for water.  And as you imagine the water filling the bucket, the sand is pressed down and eventually the water will over flow.  Is the bucket full?

Yes it is.  This bucket represents your life.  The important things in life like your family and friends are represented by the golf balls.  Other things that matter like your house and car are represented by the marbles.   The grains of sand are just like a lot of issues in our life, it’s the small stuff. And the water just reminds us that no matter how busy we think we are, if we really need to, if we really press in, we can make room for one more thing.

The moral of this little story is simple.  If we fill our lives with the small stuff we won’t have room for the big stuff.  My friends, please be certain that when the time comes for you to meet Jesus, He will be proud to call you home, certain to say well done and your loved ones left behind will have absolute comfort that you are with Him.

I know a great woman of God who seemingly was always ready and able to make everything fit in her life.  She had her priorities in order and I appreciate our Father God for allowing me the privilege of knowing her and calling her friend.  Her dash in the middle was so full of life and an earnest, steadfast love for the Lord.

KP, you will be sorely missed by so many. You will be sorely missed by me.  I love you girl. And thanks be to God, I’ll see you later.

KayD G

6 thoughts on “The Dash in the Middle

  1. Amen…I found out an hour ago, that our dear beloved sister has been called home. To be absent from the body is to be present with our Lord. She will be missed in body, but her warm kind spirit remains forever. I’m sure she is clothed with many crowns. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  2. The story is both inspiring and a testimony to KP’s life. I’ am glad I had the opportunity to know her a real woman of God.

  3. I totally agree that we need to focus on the big rocks of our lives. Too often we sweat the small stuff and allow them to dominate our time and thoughts. Time is too short to waste on the small stuff. Karen made the most of the precious time she had remaining. Although I hoped for a miracle, I know God had better plans for her and she has received her well-deserved reward. I know she is smiling that beautiful smile of hers and rejoicing in her new incorruptible body-free from pain!! I will sorely miss her.

    CoNGRATS on finishing your book, Karen #2!!! I look forward to reading it! 🙂

    Peace & blessings

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