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WOW, look at me!

I’m a writer. I never thought of myself as a writer. Although as I now reflect upon my first 20 years of life, I’ve always been a writer. When I was young, it was nothing for me to write down my feelings of extreme emotion like joy or anger or sadness. In fact, I still have some of those writings tucked away.  Maybe I’ll share some one day.

Over ten years ago I began to keep a journal writing my thoughts, fears, prayers. And when my kids were young , I began a journal for each of them journal-ling about their successes, adventures, accidents (ER visits) and some of their failures. My hope with the journals for my kids began as a way for me to write their cutest and most memorable childhood moments to share with them in their future. Maybe to share with the woman they were to marry and then to share with their kids.

Funny to think the class I had the most trouble with in high school was my 11th grade English class.  And it probably wasn’t the class that caused me the most trouble,  it’s probably because my teacher wanted me to write about things I wasn’t interested in. Actually the class that gave me the most trouble was ninth grade biology. I failed it and had to go to summer school.  Anyway…

My prayer for you today is that you take time to examine your life and find the thing you’ve always done.  We were all created for a purpose.  God put you here for a reason.  What you’ve always done is possibly what you continue to be called to do.  

  • If it’s teaching, then teach.
  • If it’s helping people, then help.
  • If it’s encouraging folks, then encourage.
  • If it’s administration, then organize.
  • If it’s talking, then tell someone something positive.
  • If it’s being funny, then spread the gift of laughter.
  • If it’s making sure everyone around you is safe, then work in security.

I realize now that I’ve been called to write.  I thank God for his patience with me while I found this piece of myself. Of course it’s all to give Him glory. I pray this writing here will glorify Him by encouraging you to find His will for your life. To God be the glory for the things that he has done and the way he has revealed Himself in my life.

A popular DJ on our local radio station has made 2014 the year to GET IT DONE.   For me, it’s my year of FOCUS.

What have you been called to?
What is this your year for?
What is your IT in get IT done?

This time next year, I want you to be accomplished in that area of your life.  Next year this time, I want you to be able to look in the mirror and say, “WOW! Look at Me!  I’m a …”

What’s your focus?  Please share it with me.  If you need an accountability partner, this could be your start.  Think about it.  Be well my friends.  Be well.

KayD G

Happy LOVE day

Happy Valentine’s Day!?!  This is the day we celebrate the ones we love.  When my kids were young, I took special care to present them with a basket of goodies with their favorite action figures, a few treats or maybe a new movie.  And of course my husband and I always do something special.  But do we really know why we treat this day as so special? Do we know why Valentines day is celebrated and who St. Valentine is?

From what I’ve researched, St. Valentine was a priest in a time when the emperor Claudius was persecuting the church.   Scholars don’t know much of his early years but do know that he was passionate about Christian marriage. You see, Emperor Claudius had outlawed marriage and  Valentine secretly married people despite the emperors edict.   When he was caught, Valentine was thrown into prison and from prison wrote “love letters” to a certain blind woman he was fond of.  After his three part execution of beating, stoning and finally beheading, stories are told of the miraculous healing of the young blind woman. She was finally able to read the love letters signed, “from your Valentine“.

As thinking people who live in a time not too far removed from slavery and segregation, we know that often times the persecution and our stand for what we believe in will leave a mark on history.

On this Valentines day, my hope is that, like Valentine, we all take a stand for Love. In a time when the world encourages immoral behavior, glorifies hate and even promotes revenge that we take a stand for what we believe in…Love.

If that means either

a.  turning the other check
b.  walking the extra mile
c.  praying for your enemies
d.  doing something good for “your haters” today or
e.  all of the above

then so be it.

I’m determined to make my mark on history.  I wholeheartedly believe in the Power Of One.  A part of the reason for this blog is to spread a bit of love with each post.  It doesn’t have to be a book or a blog or a blast email, but I encourage you to do something to show LOVE today.

Feel free to leave me a comment to let me know what you are doing to show love today, whether it’s to your friend, spouse, children or something special you’re doing for yourself or the world.  Your comments could encourage someone else to spread love as well.

Be well, my friends.

KayD G


Conflict? Look to the Creator

My church is so wonderful.  I remember when we moved into our first church building.  It was so new and exciting.  The church leadership planned a marriage conference as the first church event to take place.  Advertisements were done in print and on radio.  Registration fees were paid in advance.  As with many new construction projects there were a few delays.  We had received our occupancy permit but not all of the finishing touches were complete.  We moved forward with our conference.   The building was packed full of anticipation.  Couples were literally on the  edge of their seats waiting for the next words to be uttered.  And as I looked around, I don’t think anyone noticed that there was not a drop of paint on the walls. I know I didn’t care.

After this event, one of the first outside events advertised in our church that my husband and I attended was another marriage conference sponsored by a very popular, nationwide family ministry.  It was held in a hotel about 25 miles away from where we lived.  I thank God for both these times to be renewed in our marriage.  My husband and I still have the notes we took during the first conference and the handouts and “marriage certificate” we received when we completed the second.

The first relationship on the earth was one between God and Adam, but marriage is the first relationship between two people in the earth.  I know now that my Bishop holds marriage in high esteem.  He honored the marriage relationship and knew that if our church was to be great, the relationships in the church, particularly the marriage relationship had to be great. 

In our church, our Bishop often encourages us when reading a book to look for that one nugget of truth that will change your life.  I’ve learned to do this not only when reading a book but in many different life situations, including any conference I attend.

The one nugget of truth I learned from one of the marriage  conferences was this…
look past the creation and look to the Creator.

Whether it’s at home, work, church or on the road, when I have a conflict I try desperately to look past the creation and look to the Creator.

It may not happen right away but I’m working on that piece.  I try to take the time time and look past any person I have a conflict with and take the time to look to the Creator of that person.

When I look to the Creator, I look into the face of LOVE.

If I take a time and talk to the Creator, I’m communicating with LOVE.

When we look to Love and when we communicate with Love, we have no choice but to respond in and with Love.  We have all had times when we have failed miserably at these tests of conflict and there have been times where we’ve passed these tests with flying colors. Very rarely though do both parties pass the test at the same time.  At least that’s true in my life.  My week has been choked full of these moments.  Some times I passed the test and other times I’ve failed.

We must remember, just because you think you’ve done and said everything just right, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’ve done and said everything right but also have you said and done everything right with the right Spirit (motives and intentions) behind it.

We would all like to hear about a recent time where you passed a test such as this or when you failed but were able to regain your footing and learn a lesson for the next time. Will you share your experience and insight to help someone in a similar situation?  You don’t have to share your name but your trial may help someone else through their test.

Be well my friends.